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    Ultra in CS4


      Hello All,


      I just noticed that Ultra isn't in CS4, am I missing something. I know I had it in CS3. If it's not in CS4 (which would be a bummer) would loading CS3 version cause any conflict with CS4. Thank you.

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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          It does not cause any conflict. I use Ultra CS3 and CS4 MC without any problems.


          I do think that Adobe is slowly phasing out both Ultra and Audition, which IMO is a shame. From a sales point of view they are missing the opportunity to generate extra cash from the Master Set Libraries.

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            Glergen Level 1

            Thanks for answering Harm.

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              Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

              We sometimes use the included Ultra sets. More often, we use Ultra to get the cleanest key I have seen (compared to other programs) and export a 32 bit keyed source (uncompressed) from Ultra. We then bring this 32 bit keyed file into Premiere CS4 where we can experiment with different backgrounds. This method offers the best flexibility in my opinion. For instance, last month we were on show site in New Orleans. We had a 6 minute long video that was designed to run as part of a live presentation. The video was shot green screen and keyed in Ultra CS3. The key was amazing as usual with Ultra. Instead of marrying an Ultra background to the keyed clips exported from Ultra, I exported everything as a 32 bit keyed source.

              During rehearsal, the client and producer agreed that although the moving background looked great on the computer preview, the moving background in the video projected on the big screen was distracting. The actual show was only a few hours away, so if I hadn't exported from Ultra as a 32 bit keyed source, I'm not sure I could have fixed the video in time. The way things worked out, all I had to do was put a frame "hold on in point" to the once moving background, then export.



              I think in an upcoming version of Premiere Production Suite, Ultra should at least be treated like a dynamically linked program. For example, right-click your green screen clips on the Premiere timeline, select "key in Ultra", Ultra opens up, you key the clips, select 32 bit keyed source, go back to Premiere and there are your clips keyed and ready for export.

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                Harm Millaard Level 7

                Charles, I think that would be a great feature request.

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                  RDA972 Level 3

                  One can already do that with the Keylight plugin built into After Effects.

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                    Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

                    Robert Wrote:


                    "One can already do that with the Keylight plugin built into After Effects."


                    Or, one can key from within Premiere CS4 using the built-in "Chroma Key", "Color Key", etc. which delivers a poor quality result. In my experience, Ultra is the best keying program available. Ultra is more intuitive and seems to use less system resources than the Keylight plug-in in After Effects. Since Adobe acquired Serious Magic, many of us who use it are hoping Adobe keeps it around and builds upon an already great product

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                      Powered by Design Level 4

                      Maybe they will bring Ultra back in CS5


                      I love how keying works in Ultra.


                      I just wish it had more power like AE

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                        Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

                        We did a green screen shoot last Friday that will end up as a Web Avatar. I did a Keylight, Ultra comparison. I could get the Ultra keyed clip to work well with both a white or black background without shrinking the person's dimension or flaking the edges. With Keylight, I got a good key for use with a white background, but was unable to eliminate a slight white fringe that showed when using a dark background, without chipping the edge of the talent.


                        Although I tried many settings combinations in Keylight, It's possible I didn't hit on the magic combo. By comparison, I have found it much easier and faster to get an acceptable key with Ultra.


                        One thing I like in After Effects is the ability to create animated masks around problem areas. Hopefully, you'll never have to do this. As I mentioned previously, I hope Adobe builds upon the strong features of Ultra and incorporates it into the next release of their production suite.

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                          digitlman Level 1

                          How do you export the raw keyed video from ultra? I just experimented with that last week and was not able to to it. i keyed it out and had no background video and exported it (we have matrox axio systems) into a Matrox Uncompressed AVI + Alpha assuming it would give me my transparent background same as when i export from AE. however every test failed, i got a grey ? background generated by ultra and i even but a blank transparent psd file as my background and it exported a black bg on my avi.

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                            Chuck A. McIntyre Level 3

                            Here is a screen snapshot of the settings I use in Ultra CS3 to export a keyed file:ultra_settings.gif