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    Hide Whitespace Chars ?


      Hello all,


      Is there any way to hide the displaying of whitespace chars - tab, space ?




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          Christine Panus Level 1



          There are two settings that I know of for viewing white space characters.  The first is located in Windows>Preferences>Text Editors and the 6th checkbox down in that section is show whitespace characters.  If you are seeing symbols such as the paragraph tag for your carraige return/line feeds this is the one to turn off.


          There is also a shortcut key that I accidenally hit last night.  I spent a bit of time pounding on my keyboard until I found it again.  If you accidentally hit this shortcut key you will see \r\n for your carraige return/line feeds.  In this case hit Ctrl-. (that is control and the period key) and the whitespace characters should go away.

          Hope this helps.


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            BigSmokie Level 1




            Control Period is what I needed.


            The option in windows text editors did not make the characters go away, just made them a lighter shade of gray.


            Thank you very very much.