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    How to disable email option when creating a form


      I am creating a pdf flyer in either Pro or LiveCycle. And I want to provie a space for people to enter their personal information (form fields).


      I want them to be able to save this and print it. I don't want to give them a submit option (to send via email). (So I will be "distributing" the form - and I can't Distribute without providing an email.)


      I know I can remove the Submit button from the form, but even when there is no Submit Button, when you open the form in READER (which most will be using), Reader itself provides an option to Submit form.  How do I prevent this??


      Or, is there any way to create a fillable form that will allow others to save without "distributing" the form? I am thinking the "distributing" is what is causing the email to be linked to the form.


      I hope I have explained this well. Any direction would be appreciated.