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    Exporting project


      Hello dear members,

      I've been doing a movie for a long while on Premiere Elements.I finished it today, and the total time of it is 1:10:58 minutes. Yeah, a lot, I know.

      After I finished doing it, I pressed Enter and Rendered it all. Now, the last thing i have to do is export it. I wanna be able to put the movie on a disc, and in the export properties I have no way to do it, but in the regular way which gonna give me almost 14 GB weight.

      Does someone know anything I can do so I'll be able to export my movie in a normal weight so i can put it on a disc?


      Thanks a lot


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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Does someone know anything I can do so I'll be able to export my movie in a normal weight so i can put it on a disc?


          Do you mean that you want to create a DVD-Video disc for playing on a computer, or a set-top player hooked to a TV? If so, you will need to do some light "authoring" of your Project first. If you do not want any sort of Menu structure/navigational structure, then you will want an "autoplay" DVD-Video. This will mean that when one puts the disc into a computer with appropriate DVD player software, or into a set-top DVD player, the movie will start automatically.


          In the Share tab, you will want Disc. Set this to AutoPlay, and PE will then Transcode your movie to MPEG-2 and using your computer's burner, Burn to a DVD-Video disc.


          Now, if you want something else, please let us know.


          Good luck,



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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            You don't say which version of the program you're using. But, assuming you're using version 7, go to Share and choose the option to export it to a Disc.


            Your video should fit on a standard DVD.


            You can also add menus if you'd like.

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              Rotemon Level 1

              Thanks a lot to both of you. I appreciate your concern, that's exactly what I need. (Bye the way, I'm using Premiere Elements 7.0).

              To another question - because I didn't know the 'share' tab, I did a regular export to the video, which took me 16 GB.

              after your messeges, I earased it so I'll have space for the burning process. (Premiere's request). Is that ok? is the burning needs the ORIGINAL HIGH QUALITY file to complete itself normally?


              Thanks again,


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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                You, and PE, do not need that Exported file. Chances are that you chose DV-AVI for the Export, based on your Project's Duration and the file size. Now, that file could be Imported into an authoring program (that is one that does the DVD-Video construction, like PE will do internally) and you would still end up with a DVD-Video, but unless you are using other software for your authoring, it's not needed.


                If you have any problems with the Share tab, don't hesitate to ask them.


                Personally, I do as you did the first time around, and Export as DV-AVI Type II files, which I then Import into Encore for authoring, as it has so much more power and control. Still, for what you seem to be doing, PE will handle it all for you and easily. It will make all of the tough decisions, and do it correctly.


                Good luck,



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                  Rotemon Level 1


                  First of all, thanks a lot for your answers. they're good and clear. The exporting to a disc is taking a lot of time. Think of that like this - since I wrote my first message until now - the burning has completed almost 30%. Is that normal?

                  Other than that, do you have any idea if the quality of the movie will be fine? or should I really cut the movie to 2 parts?


                  Thanks again, you're the best, really. You're saving me.

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    70 minutes is short enough you should see full quality in your DVD.


                    Depending on your source files, the encoding to DVD could take twice the running time of your video (about 2-3 hours, in your case) or more.


                    If you're using video other than from a miniDV camcorder, it generally takes much longer.

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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Sounds about right. Much will depend on the speed of your system, and some will depend on the Effects, etc., that you have in your Project.


                      With a dual program, like PE, that does the editing and also the authoring, what happens once one has done any navigational input to the progam is this:


                      PE will first Transcode the Timeline to MPEG-2, incorporating all editing and Effects. This takes most of the time. Next, it studies your navigation (yours' is simple - Auto Play), and then it gathers up the MPEG-2 and orders it into the proper DVD-Video structure. This takes only a few minutes. Last, it writes a temp file for burning and proceeds to physically burn the DVD. Depending on several aspects of your computer, this can take quite a while.


                      If you have even a middle-of-the-road computer, I'd leave it completely alone, while it's authoring and burning. Let it have 100% of the resources, so it can finish properly and as quickly as is possible.


                      Good luck,



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        Here are a few tips on DVD-Video burning:


                        1.) use the best media possible. Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden are tops. Brands, such as Memorex, are bad. They buy from other mfgr's in bulk and re-brand the discs to their name. In a spindle of 100, you may get media from 3-4 other companies. Last batch of Memorex that I had were all Rietek, as lesser mfgr.


                        2.) burn at the slowest possible speed. Unfortunately, PE will set the speed automatically to as fast as the combo of your chosen media and your burner will allow. There is no internal way to change the burn speed, so I recommend using the slowest speed media possible to keep the burn speeds as slow as is possible. The one easy way around this is to Burn to Folder (instead of a disc) with PE. Then, use a little freeware burning program, ImgBurn to actually burn from that folder to the disc. It will allow you to set the burn speed way down - a very good thing.


                        Good luck,



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                          Ed.Macke Level 3
                          Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden are tops


                          I can second the Taiyo Yuden recommendation. I've never found them in stores though, only through the internet, which warrants a word of caution: make sure you're getting actual TY media and not a fake. I get mine from supermediastore.com. If you find a site offering them for signficantly less than them, beware...


                          actually burn from that folder to the disc. It will allow you to set the burn speed way down


                          Another advantage to burning to a folder is that if you want to create another copy of your DVD down the road (for backup, another copy for a friend or family member, the original is lost or damaged, etc.), you only need to fire up ImgBurn to burn another copy - you don't have to go through the whole multi-hour render step in PRE.

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                            Rotemon Level 1

                            Hi guys, Thanks a lot for your answers. I can't explain in words how much it's important to me, and how amazing it is to get such an attitude. So thank you, a lot, again.

                            About the tips the_wine_snob wrote -

                            I'm using Silver Line extreme. Is that ok?

                            Secondly, I'm already burning the disc right now. (I read your answer after I already started to burn). So it's too late for the Folder-thing. it's bad? I hope it's not too bad. anyway, thanks a lot again. You're amazing. Really.

                            About what Ed.Macke said -

                            I'm using Nero 7. I would like to make copies. Isn't that possible to make the disc with PE, and than simply copy it with Nero?




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                              Ed.Macke Level 3
                              Isn't that possible to make the disc with PE, and than simply copy it with Nero?


                              I would assume it's possible, but I've never actually tried it.

                              The caveat there is that you would have to have a working copy of the DVD in order to make a another copy. If the original DVD was damaged, lost, or corrupted you'd be out of luck. To me, it's easier, quicker, and more reliable to just fire up ImgBurn and click "Burn", so that's how I roll. But in theory duplicating a (known good) DVD would work, too.

                              One other point... burning to a folder isn't just a different way to burn a DVD, it's also part of my workflow. I burn to a folder, and that's like my master copy. As part of my backup procedures, that folder then gets copied to a backup location. That's my backup copy. I now have 2 copies of my final DVD (albeit on the hard drive). Then I burn a "master" DVD (only gets played once to make sure it worked), burn a "archive" DVD (gets put in safe deposit box), and then finally a "working" DVD (the one that I actually bore my friends and family with).

                              Call me paranoid, but I put in huge amounts of time doing these projects, and I'm not about to lose all that work!!

                              After all of that, I will Archive my project (saves the .PREL, creates new .AVI files with only the footage that was actually used) and then I delete the original and footage to free up disk space.

                              I know that's more than you were asking about, but the overall point is there's more advantages to burning to a folder than may meet the eye.

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                                Rotemon Level 1

                                Guys, hi again.

                                The project has finished successfuly! (:

                                I put the disc in the dvd and the quality was absolutly great and The music is amazing.

                                I have only one problem. The VIDEO voice is not heard. The soundtrack is fine, the audio of the video isn't. There are many parts in the movie when I lowered the soundtrack and took the video's audio higher. Do you have any idea what could be wrong? We think it's the dvd's problem, because when I put the disc in the computer everything is ok.





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                                  Ed.Macke Level 3

                                  To tread on Hunt's responses...


                                  I'm using Silver Line extreme. Is that ok?

                                  Is that a brand of DVD media? If so... well, see above ... Verbatim and Taiyo Yuden are excellent. Everything else is pretty much varying degrees of suckiness, IMO. This is one area where cutting corners really doesn't do you any favors. At all. It might be OK, it might not. Or it might be OK on some DVD players and not others. Or it might be OK for a while, and then suddenly you start getting errors. Caveat emptor!



                                  Secondly, I'm already burning the disc right now. (I read your answer after I already started to burn). So it's too late for the Folder-thing. it's bad?

                                  A) You can always hit cancel... doesn't hurt anything. B) It's not that burning directly to a DVD is "bad" - people do it all the time! It's just that burning to a folder has several distinct advantages.

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                                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                    It's hard to say  what's going on without our being able to look at your project, Rotem.


                                    What happens if you open your Audio Mixer (under the Window menu) and watch it as you play the segment? Does the audio from the video register as playing louder than the other audio tracks? (You can't trust what you hear in your computer's speakers. You need to use the electronic audio meters.)

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                                      Rotemon Level 1

                                      Hi Steve.

                                      The soundtrack is louder than the audio, but it dosn't matter. I just went to a friend of mine to see the dvd and check it.

                                      It went great. The audio and the soundtrack went good together, exactly as I've seen in my computer.

                                      My friend says it's a problem with my DVD/TV settings. He said the audio comes from the RIGHT side of the TV amplifier, and the soundtrack from both of them. he said something about Surround, maybe PE made a surround settings and my TV can't change it or something.

                                      Any idea?

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                                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                                        Sorry, but I have never heard of Silver Line discs. Could be great, or maybe not. One of the neat things about ImgBurn is that when you insert the media into the burner, it will tell you what the media really is, regardless of what is stamped on the disc. It will also tell you the lot number of that media.


                                        As for the Burn to Folder, then using ImgBurn, that is to correct the inability of the user to set the lowest burn speed in PE. Especialy as media gets rated faster and faster, this is NOT  a good thing. Slower is better. See this ARTICLE for a bit more on burn speed, and why slower is better.


                                        Now, what you are doing should not be a bad thing. So long as the disc plays on your (and/or your clients') set-top player, all is great. It is when they only play on a computer, or not at all, that you have a problem. The linked article addresses that.


                                        As for using Nero, so long as you do not install its packet-writing module, InCD I think, you'll be fine. I use my older copy to duplicate discs all of the time. Did about six yesterday and all worked perfectly for both DVD-5's and DVD-9's. Having two burners on the workstation makes this go so quickly. Also, by doing it there, my laptop is free for me to do other things, without running the risk of getting in the way of a burn.


                                        Good luck,



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                                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                                          Had not heard about counterfit TY's, but that does not surprise me. I buy from one SOURCE and, to date, all have been TY's. I also buy my Verbatim DL's (DVD-9's) from them, and all have been genuine, so far. As I buy the DVD-5's 1000 at a time, and the DVD-9's about 500 at a time, I do not go out to buy that often. Now, one thing that I will say is that the price keeps falling, so I am paying more, and have paid more, but the convenience is worth something too.


                                          As for shopping prices, I am not much on that. Not that I want to pay more for something, but I always want to support the suppliers, who support me. Good, honest service is also worth something to me.


                                          Too many times, I'll see very low prices on something, and upon checking find that the shop is basically a rip-off at one level, or the other.


                                          Good tip about the bogus TY's.





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                                            the_wine_snob Level 9



                                            I do similar to you. For client Projects, I will first burn an RW to test all navigation, and anything that I might have missed in the edit, or the authoring. When I am satisfied, I burn a DVD-Video and test it on about six machines, plus my computer in another drive. If OK, I burn one for archiving, and test it less extensively, but do test. The original (and however many copies are needed) ship, and the archive DVD stays with me, and is filed with the external HDD, that contains the fully archived Project.


                                            Have not seen is so often with Video DVD's, but with my still image clients, it is very common for a secretary to send out their one copy of the CD, or DVD, to a printer, or magazine, and never see it again. Early on, I learned to make a copy of everything that I delivered, so I could quickly help them out, when their disc did not come back, or came back broken into three pieces! For great clients, it only costs the price of the courier. For the rest, there is a nominal fee plus the courier. Still, it has saved me the time of having to stop my current Project, to reassemble and burn their stuff to disc.



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                                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                                              If the Audio is fine in PE and also on the DVD, when played on the computer via a software DVD player, then it is likely a problem with either the burn (see linked articles in other replys), or a problem with that set-top player and its connection to the TV/Sound system.


                                              As most issues with burned DVD's and set-top players are usually hanging, skipping, or not playing at all, I would be more concerned about the latter - the connections.


                                              Last time that I diagnosed a similar problem, the Audio Out from the player was not plugged in for one channel. Most of one Audio Track was biased toward that channel, so it was silent. In your case, you are doing stereo out (unless you're using something like the SurCode DD 5.1 SS Encoder, which does not work in PE), and for only part of the Audio to be missing points toward a connection, or how the combo of the set-top player and the TV/soundsystem is processing the stereo signals.


                                              Now, go back to the PE Project and check carefully that the Audio is correct there. Then put the DVD back into the computer and check that the Audio is correct there. If these two tests come back OK, it's time to start checking the connections from the set-top to the TV/sound system, 'cause something has to be amiss there.


                                              Good luck, and let us know how it goes.



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                                                the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                Sorry, this post had not displayed, when I replied to the earlier one above.


                                                PE does not do any form of Surround Sound. There will not be an issue there.


                                                What I do not know is whether PE Transcodes to PCM/WAV, or AC3 DD (no Surround Sound). Both are DVD-spec. formats, with AC3 being compressed a bit. In Encore (the full authoring app from Adobe), I can decide which I want. As I almost always do DD 5.1 SS, I always choose AC3, because it is the only DVD-standard format that will allow me to get my Surround Sound. It could be that PE defaults to AC3 Transcoding, as it would allow more room for the Video stream, and then your sound system is having an issue properly decoding the AC3. This should NOT be, as AC3 is part of the DVD-spec, that ALL set-top players MUST adhere to, if they have the DVD logo on them. Still, something could be amiss between the set-top player and your AV receiver. I'd check all connections first, just to rule that out. As all DVD certified set-top players must conform to a strict set of standards, the signal that it feeds the receiver should be fine.


                                                One other thing to check would be in the receiver. Many allow for one to do faux Surround Sound. This could be getting in the way of your signals. Check the Audio mode on both the receiver and on the TV. Not knowing exactly how your system is hooked up, I'm just guessing a bit here. Could also be an issue between the pre-amp stage and the actual amps. Many higher-end units have a "bridge" between these two stages (usually look like very large staples connecting on the rear of the receiver) and one might be loose.


                                                Good luck,



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                                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                  Don't forget to check all speaker cables too.



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                                                    Rotemon Level 1

                                                    Hi Wine Snob.

                                                    I think you don't really understand how much I admire you right now. Adobe should be proud they have such a member in their Forums like you.

                                                    First of all, you and steve got me out of the presure and told me how to put the movie on disc. (Believe me, I was so panic! After this time of working...)

                                                    Secondly, you answered perfectly and correctly on my questions, and even gave me some tips. In adittion to all of that, you continued to answer my questions and to explain me things even if you knew It's hopeless... (I'm bad with computers).. And after all that, you had patience for my bothering messages. So THANK YOU, again, from all of my heart. Thanks to you - I have a movie on disc, great quality, great voice and music.

                                                    (Yeah, I fixed the audio hearing by playing with the connections of my DVD to my TV. I moved the red one to another hole and it worked out!).

                                                    About the PE - I hope it dosn't decide which Surround or anything else it's making, and that it'll be possible to see the movie in every DVD.


                                                    Bye the way, I'm sure this discussion is providing answers not only for me, but to many more people.


                                                    Now, after you read my Bla Bla, just want you to know that everything is ok now. The movie, the sound, the disc and everything. And that's because of you.

                                                    I owe you.


                                                    Have a great night/day! Thank you so much!


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                                                      the_wine_snob Level 9
                                                      just want you to know that everything is ok now. The movie, the sound, the disc and everything.


                                                      That is the payback for hanging out in the forum. Oh, and that I always learn something new almost every day.


                                                      It's about helping others get their Projects done, as they dream of having them done, with as few steps, as is possible.


                                                      This forum, in particular, has some great contributors. Some have varied levels of expertise, and some in different areas of video production. When the topic goes to HD material, I just sit back and read, learning as I go. Unless things get back to a really general level, I have little to offer to those threads - I just read and learn.


                                                      Glad that you're up and running and do not hesitate to drop by with any more questions. BTW, that is another way that I use the forum - getting MY questions answered.


                                                      I'll throw out two more resources for you:


                                                      Muvipix, which has a forum area, like this, called "Community." It is a very friendly and knowledgable forum, and has a lot of the same faces as this one, plus many more "members." It's free to post and read, and with just a "sign-up," some of the "functional content" is available for free and all of it for purchase. With a subscription, everything is free. Take a look around and I think you'll be amazed at the motion Clips, the music and the Menus, plus great articles and tutorials. Oh, did I mention that the people are very friendly?


                                                      The second is geared a bit more towards PE's "big-brother," PrPro, but there are tons of links to articles on general video production and also tutorials on how to do things. Some are written for PrPro, but can easily be translated to PE. This is the PrPro Wiki.


                                                      If you have not already discovered it, there is a Tips & Tricks sub-forum for PE. There are some good articles there on how to do many things in PE.


                                                      Good luck,