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    UnstructMasterPageMaps read table contents

    stevedigre Level 1

      Allow UnstructMasterPageMaps reference pages to recognize paragraph formats within table cells.


      Eg. A table spans multiple pages. I use a conditional master page based on styles used on that page. When the table spans multiple pages, the 2nd, 3rd page does not get master page applied as UnstructMasterPageMaps does not read cell contents. The anchor paragraph is on the first page only.


      The lack of this feature makes UnstructMasterPageMaps useless to me

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          Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Until Adobe adds this capability, you can try doing it this way.


          Create a an anchoring paratag to hold the table, e.g. tblAnchor. Then create an ending tag, e.g. tblEnd, that provides the spacing that you desire after your table. Set the tblAnchor tag to have the tblEnd tag as the next paragraph tag. Then in your master page mapping table, set the tblAnchor paratag to trigger the right/left master pages that you want and set it to "Until changed". Finally for the tblEnd tag, set this back to the right/left master pages that you want and also set this to "Until changed". Insert the table into the tblAnchor and apply your master pages.

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            max_drawdown Level 1





            I needed to put 2 and 2 together here to make 4.


            Specifically, I needed to create a tblAnchorPage format, which starts the multi-page table on its own page, so the tblAncrhoPage tag is the first that FM sees in the body when FM scans UnstrucMasterPageMaps. Alternatives that begin the table below other content on the same page do not work.


            Thanks again for suggestion.