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    New to Prod Prem Pro


      Greetings - new to this forum -- and Premier Pro ---  Here is hardware inventory : MacPro - 6 GB Dual Core 3.0Gz - 23" HD Monitor - Approx 3Tb HD space - shooting with Sony PMW-EX3 in 1080p - 30p mostly.


      Issue # 1-- I have some clips of wildlife in trees - but unfortunately - sky is grey behind subject matter.  Is there a way to "layer" a blue sky behind the subject clip and then "flatten" or combine the "layers" -- or will it just blend together thru rendering when I output the clips ?  Would blue sky layer need to be on "second" video /timeline layer on timeline to be "behind" the animal subject ??   Can anyone email me a flow chart of how to resolve this "grey sky' issue - to produce a more professional looking, aesthetically pleasing clip ?  Would be grateful !


      Issue # 2  -  If I need to "sharpen" a clip and have marked in-out -- what is next step or where do I go to sharpen by 50 %, etc. ?   When I go to the "sharpen" function there is no + 50 % - + 100 % -- etc.  Would have thought that the sharpen function would be much like in Photoshop where you could see thru Preview Window what happens ?   Any flow chart or feedback here ?  Thanks !


      Issue # 3  -  When combining HDV or SD clips into an overall HD project -- is it better to individually convert the HDV and SD clips PRIOR TO including onto the timeline with HD clips -- or just let the rendering process take care of HDV / SD conversion then -- or will problems be generated with output quality of HDV / SD clips ?  Thanks !


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