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    [vbs-cs3] Why doesn't apply overrides

    Beliakov Level 1

      i have selected para in black color and want to apply style, which has my color. But after applying style (by code), color doesn't change.


      Set myInd = CreateObject("InDesign.Application.CS3")
      Set myDoc = myInd.ActiveDocument
      Set mSel = myInd.Selection(1)

      'mSel.ClearOverrides = idOverrideType.idAll 'didn't help

      'myInd.ClearOverridesWhenApplyingStyle = True 'didn't help
      mSel.ApplyParagraphStyle myDoc.ParagraphStyles.Item("Table name"), True

      ''''''''so i have to colorize by "brute force"

      mSel.FillColor = "Dark Blue"