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    How to eliminate playback artifacts with AVCHD on a Vista64 NLE?

    danimations80 Level 1

      Hi all.


      I just finished building a new NLE machine for my partner to run Premiere CS4 on, and for the most part, it's humming along. The machine is an i7 920, on an ASUS P6T Delexe V2 motherboard, with 12 Gb of 1333 Mhz RAM (Kingston, 1.5v). I have three drives in the machine (one for programs & os, one for the project, and a third for scratch disk). All drives are SATA hookups, and I have a minimal software setup- it's a lean and mean machine. I'm running Vista Business 64bit as the OS. Load time and speeds rendering and working within projects is dreamlike. Unfortunately the playback isn't.


      I'm editing AVCHD video natively (in sequences/timelines matching its original format), and I'm finding the playback window displays wierd artifacts, regardless of whether the playback window is on my primary or secondary monitor. The image sticks a little, leaving behind visible square blocks of image (former frames perhaps?) at semi-regular time intervals. I've tried exporting the footage, and the footage is fine once it's output to another format.


      I'm guessing there's probably a problem with the playback codec? The files I'm ingesting are natively 720p 25fps files, .m2ts AVCHD, out of a Panasonic DMC-FT1 (via the Panasonic provided Photofun Studio HD). The wierd thing here is that I was not experiencing this problem on my much slower, cruder XP 32bit system I commenced this project on a week ago.


      I know Harm is against installing codec packs- is there another way to attempt to remedy this problem?


      Any ideas or a better diagnosis of the problem would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance...