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    Apparent BUG in CF8 Ajax

      I've been trying to find a solution for that problem. I've searched the web and found a few mention of it but no solutions are provided. It's even mentionned in Ben Forta's blog in a comment but Ben didn't respond to the comment.

      When using an autosuggest value in a CFINPUT with a numerical value, I get the following error:

      "widget: Bind failed for autosuggest PRO, bind value is not a 1D array of strings"

      The autosuggest works perfectly well with any value starting with a letter but any value starting with a number (and having a query result) will give this error message.

      The Ajax debug panel is helpful in validating that autosuggest results are indeed found but somehow, the numerical values are returned as '1500.0' instead of '1500' for example, indicating that they are translated in the process. Even forcing a hard coded return string of "2" in the CFC will return "2.0" to the widget wich will in turn complain about the error message. When translating the query to an array for the returned autosuggest, I even sneaked in a ToString() for good measure without any luck.

      error:widget: Bind failed for autosuggest PRO, bind value is not a 1D array of strings

      info:http: CFC invocation response: [1001.0,1002.0,1040.0,1041.0,1042.0,1050.0,1053.0,1099.0,1501.0,1502.0,1553.0,1554.0,1599 .0]

      Thanks for any help you can provide.