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    Freezing videos in Premiere


      Hello guys, how are you?

      Well, my first post here. Hope you help me!


      I am using Premiere CS4 to produce some videos here; just for you to know, I am making a kind of compilation, taking some scenes from various video files, cutting them in specific moments and joining in an unique final video.

      It happens that some takes just freeze for miliseconds, resulting in a final composition that has a lot of quick freezings during it!


      These problems happen with various extensions - in my case, .mov, .avi and .mpg.

      When I try to export the videos, depending on the codec I use they freeze at different times!

      And the strange thing is that the video files (outside Premiere) are perfectly normal and without any kind of issue such as this freezing and delay.


      It is not the first time it happens to me; all videos I made until today using Premiere took me to the same difficulty; I use Premiere since the CS3 version and both CS3 and CS4 lead me to the freezings.


      Could you understand my issue? If not I can upload a sample for you to see it.


      Thanks from a Brazilian user.