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    Steve - New VOB FAQ Entry

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      Just saw the VOB FAQ posting, and wonder if a little caveat might not be in order. A lot of folk are using DVR's and VHS-DVD player/burners to create their DVD's, which they then plan to edit. Many of these machines (plus some fairly popular software) play fast-n-loose with the DVD-specs. Hence, their 1_VOB will often be poorly written, and will include a rudimentary navigational/menuing system. This deviation from the DVD-spec. can cause all sorts of problems, when one goes to edit the files.


      If the DVD was created by an Adobe product, they are likely to edit fine. The same for any 100% DVD-spec. compliant program, or machine. It's the "rogue" programs and machines that cause a ton of trouble.


      I have one such machine, a Panasonic VHS-DVD player/burner. I only use its DVD's for archival purposes, and just use it to feed my A-D card for Capture. Now, I can break apart its 1_VOB in a few command line PGC editors, and strip out the menuing stuff, but that is more work than just doing the VHS Capture to the computer.


      Since PrPro CS4.1 added VOB Import, I did an article for the PE Tips & Tricks sub-forum on what can be in a VOB. I put it here for two reasons, probaby more PE users attempt to edit VOB's, than do PrPro-users, and also there is no Tips & Tricks sub-forum in the PrPro fora. So far, no one has had a moment's problem with Encore-created VOB's in PrPro CS4.1, but most still struggle with the DVD's created elsewhere, especially by DVR's.


      Just a thought,



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          Steve, if you decide to update this FAQ, you may also want to provide the rationale for merging the VOB's into one (1) large file via the the Command Prompt.


          Many folks may not be aware that this approach will help to resolve OOS (out-of-sync) issues for multiple VOB's coming from the same DVD.


          As an alternative, although not Freeware, Cyberlink's PowerDirector provides a feature to rip VOB's directly from a DVD and will merge all VOB's into one (1) large Mpeg file. Within the same application, you can then convert this Mpeg directly into DV-AVI Type 2 and everything is primed for editing within PE...

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            Also, I noticed that there are now two (2) User ID's for SteveG on the Forum.


            Is there a twin, or did someone swipe some of your DNA and produce a clone...LOL...


            (In this case, two is better than one)...

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              No, no. It's all the same Steve Grisetti.


              It's just that, between updating the site, some tweaks I made to my Photoshop.com account and the fact that all of your Adobe IDs are apparently all linked together, something got messed up a few weeks back.


              The forum team got me back to my old self again a few weeks ago -- although there are some artifacts left over from the transition.

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                As for the DVD issue -- these are great points, guys! But I wonder if they're part of a whole other FAQ. Maybe one called, "How can I edit files from a home-burned DVD" or something like that.


                Any suggestions?

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                  That would be a decison that only Mr. MOD could make - or his evil twin...


                  I like the way that you are able to keep the FAQ articles short and sweet. Especially for new users, that seems to work well. They might not get all of the why's, but can get things sorted out quickly. How about doing a link from the FAQ to a couple of Tips & Tricks articles, so a user could get more details, if they were needed?


                  Please also notice that both Kodebuster and I saw, understood and adhered to the "Please do not post in the FAQ forum." Neil Wilkes and Jeff Bellune finally had to lock every thread in the Encore FAQ's 'cause people would tag onto them with questions, regardless of the requests at the top of the main page.


                  Though I have PowerDirector (slightly older version), I do not use it much, so cannot add anything to Kodebuster's comments and recs.


                  Let me know if I can help - now that offer is for both of your personas...