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      Anyone have any luck with the Melodyne Plug-in. At first I thought I had something, then I realized it works then it doesn't.

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          Even though Celemony's web site says the plug-in won't work with Audition, I went ahead and bought the new DNA version that includes a stand-alone editor capable of working in the polyphonic realm.


          The stand-alone editor works great (actually it's amazing), highly recommended although it can only do one file at a time and not within the context of the whole mix.  There are a bunch of YouTube videos out there that demonstrate the stand-alone editor, go have a look.


          As advertised the plug-in that comes with it does not work with AA3.01, at least on my 64-bit Win 7 system (everything else works fine BTW).  It seems to work at first but it never gets around to converting the audio into actual notes so it's useless.


          If there is one plug-in that would cause me to switch from Adobe Audition this is it.


          Antares' newest AutoTune EVO plug-in, which doesn't come close to Melodyne DNA in terms of functionality, does work with Audition 3.01 except that you can't route MIDI notes to direct the pitch correction.


          Note:  Those of you who think pitch correction software is an abomination of nature have obviously never had a recording that was rendered useless by one flat note that no one noticed during tracking.  You're lucky!