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    Having trouble with \src\timecode.cpp-995 error. CS4 crashes when trying to capture


      Hi all!


      I'm having trouble with CS4. We just upgraded computers to a i7 with 12 gigs of ram, running XP 64bit. Premiere runs completely fine until I open the capture screen.


      I am trying to capture from a JVC SR-VS30 using DV out to the Firewire port in the computer. My problem is that when I open the capture box, CS4 crashes and gives the error message about \src\timecode.cpp-995.


      I have tried several things, including enabling/disabling the device control. When this is disabled, CS4 does not crash, but the device is not recgonized.


      Also, I am able to capture into Windows MovieMaker completely fine. Also, when the device is first turned on, Windows prompts you regarding how to use the device, and Capture video using MovieMaker is the only option listed. (other than take no action)


      I fear this may be a XP 64 problem, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix it?


      Thanks in advance