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    Passing data to .NET web service: Null string converted to ""


      I'm trying to pass data from a Flex front-end to a .NET web service. The web service call works fine, but it seems that all strings that are NULL are converted to empty strings ("") during the XML serialization. Is this expected functionality? We have other .NET apps that pass NULL values to the web services without any issues.


      I am using Flex Builder 3, .NET 3. I have tried compiling with Flex SDK versions 3.2 (that comes with Flex Builder),, and


      I have also imported the WSDL definitions via Import -> Web Service (WSDL).


      As an aside, these web services are already in place and cannot be easily changed to check for both null and empty values. It certainly remains an option if nothing else works.


      Any recommendations or ideas would be greatly appreciated.