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    Is this possible?  GetProperty of element in embedded swf

      I'm very very very new to actionscript, and I have just been messing around with the studio 8 trial version, and I just had a question. From javascript, can I get property values (GetProperty) of an object in swf2.swf, where swf2.swf is an element of swf1.swf and swf1.swf is the main swf. So basically swf1.swf has a loader object (it's path name is "main.content.embeddedswf" that is placed in whatever location and the loader object loads swf2.swf. Also swf1.swf has many other elements and other loaders that load other swfs. The object info I want in swf2.swf is "main.content.text1". I wrote 0 actionscript code, so the loading and whatnot is done automatically.

      I tried doing GetProperty("main.content.embeddedswf.main.content.text1", ...) and I can't get any of it's values. Is it even possible to do this? I want to do this without writing any actionscript code in either swfs (so basically a generic way).

      ---Paul Cho