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    Unable to display Text Fields after making them Hidden




      I am trying to hide & display certain text fields and buttons on my PDF Form based on certain conditions that I ascertain at run time. I thought it was going to be a simple task, but unfortunately I havent been able to figure this out yet. The issue I am having is that I am able to hide and then make the buttons visible, but once I make a text field hidden, I am not able to display it again. I have a single sub form that wraps all the text fields and buttons in my form. Based on what I have seen so far here are few questions that I need some guidance with


      1. I currently have my JavaScript within the docReady event for the page subform so that I can hide/display the text fields and buttons before the PDF is rendered. I also noticed that you could write the JavaScript for the docReady event at each object level (i.e. text fields, buttons etc...). So how is writing my JavaScript (docReady event) at the page subform level different from writing it as a docReady event for a text field or a button? What is the recommended practice?
      2. Why am I able to hide and display a button, but when it comes to a text field, I am able to hide it but not able to make it visible again. In both cases I was setting the presence property to "invisble" and then back to "visible". I have tried using "hidden" instead of "invisible" but got the same results.
      3. I need to make the text fields and buttons hidden/visible while routing it through a workflow base on the data filled into some of the text fields, so is docReady event the correct event that I should be using in my case. I wasnt sure about how form:ready was different from docReady.