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      Error getting license
      License server communication problem:



      Okay we are receiving this error and have several customers who are also receiving.


      We have tried the following solutions and end up back at the same "Error" again


      1)  Customer downloads and installs Adobe Digital Editions (mind you that they do not change machines - they are only using this on the one machine)

      2)  Customer completes the installation with an Adobe ID

      3)  Customer downloads a book from the Adobe Library online - (just to test to make sure they can get books)

      4)  The error message appears - they click okay - but they cannot download any further


      We have tried the following:


      1)  Uninstallation

      2)  Removal of Cache / Internet Files / Temporary Files

      3)  Removal of the License Key from the Registry in Windows XP

      4)  Manual Installation of the Adobe Digital Editions software from the Adobe website - setup involved anonymous activation

      5)  Creation of a "new adobe id"

      6)  Activation of ADE with an Adobe ID

      7)  We have removed and installed several times - and the error continues to return


      We're moving in the same circle over and over again -  I even tried searching the Web - but apparently can't find anything at this point, I would just like to be able to resolve this issue and fix our customers.