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    Hide the Mouse while Dragging

      I have extended the DataGrid class to implement my own drag and drop functionality which is working fine. However, I would like to hide the mouse cursor while I am dragging as I created a custom dragProxyImage and I need to be able to see the entire image without the mouse cursor being in the way. However, I need the cursor coordinates to be at a specific spot on the proxy image, otherwise I would have just put the proxy outside of the mouse cursor.

      I have tried to implement the Mouse.hide() and CursorManager.hideCursor() functions but to no avail. The Mouse.hide() function will turn off the mouse cursor, but when I start dragging, a black cursor comes back. This leads me to believe that when a drag operation is initiated, Flex creates a black mouse pointer cursor and replaces the user's cursor, and that would be why the Mouse.hide() function appears to not be working. When I call the CursorManager.hideCursor() function, I get a null-object reference because Flex doesn't know which cursor to hide.

      Does anyone know where Flex creates this new black cursor while dragging and how I can disable it?