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    Delays in saving files that contain image maps


      I have created several menus within RoboHelp7 that contain image maps.  When I attempt to save any changes I make to these topics, RH7 seems to get stuck.. literally hanging there for about 10-20 mins before it responds.  Any other topics that I work in do not cause this to happen, so I'm wondering if it is because of the image maps.  I have three images, each with one image map.  Could this be it?  Any ideas on why or how to fix this?

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          MergeThis Level 4

          Image maps are coded as two distinct elements:


          • The map ID and area coordinates (script section in the head section)
          • The image call that references the map ID (body section)


          If the connection between these two has somehow been lost, there you go...


          Sometimes all you can do is blow them all away (in that topic) and start over. Sorry.



          Good luck,