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    Can I export AI to HTML?


      I need to find a way to export my ai file to an HTML, or HTML template. Is that possible?



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          Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Save for Web & Devices from the File menu, bottom center of the Save dialog box has HTML options.

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

            Do you mean as a sliced group of jepgs bound by a html file?


            Or as all html code and no image links?


            Explain a little bit more.


            You can slice the file and export that as jpeg with the option for images and html or images only or html only, via save for the web and device.

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              Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Just to make things a bit clearer, HTML is not an image format, it is a text format with tags for formating a web page. It does have a tag for the location of an image file. Therefore, you can export as a jpg, png or gif and have the HTML point to where the image is located on your server.

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                Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                Actually this would not be such a bad fweature to be able to work this way with tools that only did art that could be translated into html code.


                It would be a good integration with Dreamweaver.

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                  Deaner77 Level 1

                  OK...I'll crearify a little. Our company is creating 3-D PDF's.  We use a program called Deep Exploration (DE) to apply materials (skins) to the geometry and out output as PDF. DE references a PDF to use as a template to insert the 3-D model. DE also has the ability to output to HTML, but needs an HTML template. I have created the PDF template in AI, and want to export the same AI file as HTML.


                  I guess I really don't need any funtionality from this template. At this point it just needs to be a background image. Buttons, and toggles would be added in Dreamweaver. (BTW...I know NOTHING about HTML)


                  I hope that answers a few question.


                  Thanks for all the replies!!



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                    Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                    Then make your background and use the save for the web and device and 

                    save as a jpeg and chose the option to save image and html.

                    But to be honest I think you only need the jpeg of the background and 

                    the html can be achieved in Dreamweaver which it does automatically.

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                      Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Since you are using Dreamweaver...

                      Create a new html page or open one you have already started. Look down at bottom of screen in the properties panel, you should see a button that says page properties. Click that button. For the appearance category you should see background image. Just click the browse button and you can find the jpg, png or gif image you created in illustrator.

                      It is also possible to use CSS to add a background image, but the above should get you started.

                      Now when using Dreamweaver it is highly recommended that you create a site on your computer, so that it matches your server. This will help in making sure that when you select an image dreamweaver knows where to put that image on the server. That being said make sure you copy any images you create in illustrator and place them in the site directory, so Dreamweaver can easily see those images.

                      Taking care of your site on your computer will make sure you have a copy should anything happen to the files on your server.

                      OK, I am getting off topic a bit, so I will stop there for now.