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    AIR app not running on Citrix


      We have delivered an AIR app to a client, and they are trying to run it on a Citrix XenApp terminal server.  Part of the app makes use of the AIR browser and sessions.  When the Citrix user is of sufficient privilidge (windows user), the app runs fine.  When they attempt run the AIR app as an anonymous citrix user, it fails.  The user cannot login to a page (presented inside the AIR browser).  Any ideas?


      This discussion (http://forums.adobe.com/message/208488#208488) says that the AIR browser stores cookies and cache in the "Temporary Internet Files" directory, like IE does.  Is this true?  If the Citrix user did not have permission to write to that directory, could that cause problems?  Does the AIR browser need to be able to write anything to the file system?  Will the AIR browser try to store session cookies on the filesystem, or do they just stay in memory?  I have to assume that this Citirx guest user has no file system priviledges, so we may need to loosen that to get the app to work.  Any pointers would be appreciated.