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    Vijay Ghaskadvi

      Welcome to the OSMF developer forums! We're very excited to be working with the open source community to ensure that OSMF enables and delivers solutions to real world use cases around media playback and monetization.


      I wanted to start this thread to get some discussion going around Traits in OSMF. IMediaTraits are capabilities of MediaElements, and are a core part of the vocabulary of the framework. Some examples of traits are


      • IPlayable
      • IPausible
      • IAudible
      • IViewable
      • ISpatial
      • ILoadable
      • IBufferable
      • ISeekable
      • ITemporal





      Most of these are self-explanatory. One thing we continue to explore is whether this list is sufficient. Are there any other fundamental behavioral aspects of MediaElements that you think should be supported by the framework in the form of core media Traits?



      -OSMF team

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          It would have been nice, if you added more details like:-


          1) What is philosophy behind Traits i.e. why Traits exist in framework?

          2) What does various available Traits do? Perhaps, more specific example.

          3) When and how one should create Traits? Some real-life examples (from media-player development), how you can solve problem X by creating a Trait?

          4) Perhaps talking about patterns used across the framework consistently, basically using and creating traits. I realized most of time, you have to cast Trait to concrete types.


          I understand, most of things might be intuitive to the developers involved in building the framework, but not all of us are familiar, though we are getting as we dig into the code.


          Above details can save a lot of time of developers and bring them on same page as you are. This would result in a lot of contributions and best-practices.






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            abdulqabiz Level 1

            ok, I find Traits specification which also contains a PDF on Traits Intro. I am going to check it out and hope it answers the questions I asked above.