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    Flex to JavaScript communication


      Hi All,


      I am working on a project that uses Flex and JavaScript. Only one of the components in the web application is built on Flex 3 but rest is JavScript based. The product is new, built from scratch. We are thinking of driving the Flex component using a centralized browser side controller written in JavaScript. In that way, the same controller on the browser can react to both JS and Flex. So, my questions -


      1. How far is this idea a practical one provided the fact that the product is yet to start and there is no hard and fast need for JS driving the Flex internal components.


      2. Will the ExternalInterface be able to handle all these or its meant for some simple communication between JS & Flex. Where & what may go wrong wrt having Flex run separately in its own (lets assume having a MVC framework in place like PureMVC, Mate, etc) rather than driven by JS controller.


      3. What are the pros and cons for using this idea. Anyone having experience using similar concepts in a real life product, please provide your feedback, sugestions, etc.


      Appreciate any help, feedback on this topic as I am very new to the Flex development scene.