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    Kuler website and Kuler extension inside application

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      I saved some swatches using the Kuler website in Mykuler account. I saved them as swatch exchange files to import into Fireworks CS4. At the time I didn't realize Fireworks CS4 did read swatch exchange files. Now I have learned that Firworks CS4 has a built in Kuler extension under Window in the pull down menu.


      So, I'm all set up with a Kuler panel inside Fireworks CS4. The problem now is, I don't see a way to access my Mykuler account so I can use the swatches I saved already using the website. Do I need to recreate my swatches in the Kuler panel now? I see you can save swatches in the panel and upload them to Kuler. Can I not access my account from the panel?