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    Timelines menu doesn't show

    Gus Leo

      First, I'm sorry for my bad english


      I'm starting to use Flash Catalyst on 24 July 2009, looks from the video is looks so gread application

      But when i'm trying to create project and want to makes "Auto effects for new transisitions" checked from Timelines menu, Why I don't find yet the item menu?


      I'm add the files JPG to more clear descript my problem..

      Please reply and solve my problem



      Best Regards,



      Gus Leo

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          Hi there,


          Correct me if I'm wrong, but I understand you to mean that you want apply a default transition between the states that you have created.

          If you have not created several states, you may do so by clicking "Duplicate State" at the bottom of the Pages/States menu.  Once you have a new state, you can modify its design characteristics by making various elements visible in the Layers menu.  Then look at the bottom of the page on the left and you will see the Timelines menu.  Here you can select the state transitions that you want to animate (for example:  Page1 > Page2).  In order to apply a default transition effect, simply click on "Smooth Transition" at the very bottom of the page.


          I may have misunderstood what you are referring to as "Auto effects for new transitions."  If I did, I'll be happy to make another attempt to help once you give a little bit more clarification.

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            Gus Leo Level 1

            Thanx you for your response



            Yes, I'm try to duplicated state..but still same likes before


            "Auto Effects for New Transitions" is the item on menu Timelines, from the tutorial I read (http://blog.digitalbackcountry.com/2009/01/getting-started-with-flash-catalyst-tutorial) he suggest me to make "Auto Effects for New Transitions" checked, but I don't find that menu...Timelines menu just "Add Selected Object Timelines". How to active or show all item menu on Timelines menu..


            Maybe you will clear understod if u see my attched images file..




            Best Regards,


            Gus Leo

            • 3. Flash Catalyst MAX Release?
              Rothmorton Level 1

              Are you using Flash Catalyst MAX Release, or another version?  That was the release that Ryan Stewart was using.

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                Gus Leo Level 1

                I'm use Flash Catalyst Beta 1, maybe that the problem why my timelines menu different with Ryan's timelines menu..


                Thank you sir for your response






                Gus Leo

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                  Tvoliter Adobe Employee

                  In the beta build you can use the "smooth transition" button in the timeline. This replaces the functionality for the "auto effects for new transitions" you were referring to in Ryan's tutorial.