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    Puzzle game


      Hi there,

      I need to develop an application in Flash which must assemble a puzzle but an important goal is that the user should be able to save his advance and the next time he start the app. he would be able to load it, I mean, some kind of "load a previous game" so I was wondering if Flash is able to handle this requirement, I was thinking in save in a xml file the puzzle parts with positions, etc.. in order the user can proceed with their game.


      Each puzzle part could be a JPEG file, you think Flash is able to handle this?

      It makes sense for you?


      any comments / advices are welcome.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't think an xml solution would work because the xml file would have to be shared by all users.  You probably need to use a database where the user signs in their data is retrieved.  A persistent cookie approach might also work.

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            a SharedObject (flash's version of cookies) could be used to store any kind of flash data temporarily on a persons machine. its probably the easiest way to do it as it doesn't require server/database knowledge. there is a 100k default size limit to the data stored in shared objects though, so a large jpeg may be a problem.