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    Trying to underline the rectangle of a Text Field

    Ramon F Herrera Level 1

      I am trying to underline the rectangle of a Text Field with a Line Annotation, but I am a little confused.


      The first doubt is about the "Square" vs, the "Rectangle" annotations. What is the difference between them? Has Adobe changed those recently?


      I have tried several variations of the following snippet:


          var x1 = textField.rect[0];
          var y1 =
          var x2 =
          var y2 =

          var underscore = this.addAnnot({
              page: 0,
              type: "Line",
              rect: [x1, y1, x2, y1],
              strokeColor: color.red,
              strokeWidth: 160


      What I am getting is an identity line (i.e., 45-degree) at the lower left corner.