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    Why script does slow down?

    Beliakov Level 1

      I have long big script, which analyse every para in story (about 50 pages A4). At every para script does some operation by subroutines (justifing, spaces, etc.). After may be page 20-25 script operating considerably slows down the work. Even though Indi Window is on the back. I don't see any redrawings.

      And after stopping and debugging this happens more and more.


      Is it normal? Or i have to clear machin memory? Then how to do this?



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          [Jongware] Most Valuable Participant

          Which version of InDesign? I remember this from CS, and it was as bad in CS2, but significantly better in CS3 and CS4.


          There are a couple of time-saving tricks which I still remember: intermediate saves to clear the Undo buffer, and checking how the script references items (for instance, app.stories.paragraphs[0] was much faster than app.stories.paragraphs[21255]).

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            Beliakov Level 1

            This is CS3-VBA.

            Good idea about "Undo". I have MultiDo plugin, which remeber 100 actions. I'll try to switch it of.


            Thanks vmch.