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    load an external xml in an external loaded .swf


      Hi there...


      I've got a small (more than 100 hours of thinkwork up till now!) problem I can't seem to solve:


      I want to populate an external loaded swf with an dynamicly loaded xml fil (loaded from my config.xml).


      <menuItem bgColor="000000" bgHover="eeeeee" fontColor="cccccc" fontHover="ffffff">
           <linktype>external swf</linktype>
           <url1>./content/swf/home.swf</url1>   <-- Loads the external swf in to the main swf -->
           <url2>./content/xml/home.xml</url2>  <loads the external xml file thet is needed in the external loaded swf in the line above -->



      how do I get the external xml into the external swf as a variable for the actionscript in the external loaded swf (So I just want to put the path in the script in my external swf...).


      Can anyone help me out here cause I'm really stuck for now...


      Thanks in advance!


      greets William