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    Keyboard "hangs" when typing or using shortcuts


      I don't really expect a solution for this as I'm using outdated software (CS) on an experimental OS (Windows 7), but I figured I'd throw it out anyways.


      Basically the issue is that when I'm typing (or using the keyboard at all) inside Illustrator it will hang and repeat whatever key was held down for an indeterminable amount of time. So i'm left with either an army of vowels in the middle of a sentence or an entire paragraph wiped out trying to backspace one character.


      This doesn't affect any other program in the suite like indesign or photoshop, only illustrator. It also doesn't affect any program outside of illistrator while it's running. I can type e-mails, forum posts, word documents, etc without incident, but as soon as I get back into Illustrator all hell breaks loose.


      It happens at random, and lasts for a random interval as well. Sometimes it will only repeat the key two or three times, other times several dozen.


      The other odd thing is that it only does this on an external keyboard (I'm using a laptop). I've tried several different keyboards all to the same effect. I can use the laptop's keyboard fine, but any external one repeats itself. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but I have it in a docking station at work which makes it difficult to use the built in keyboard.


      I've tried reinstalling Illustrator and the Keyboard drivers and that didn't help. I also tried changing the keyboard repeat rate and hold time to see if that would help.


      Like I said, I don't expect a magic wand answer for this as I really only use the program on my win7 machine for making quick product flyers at work. I don't have this issue on my XP machine, so it just appears to be an isolated incident with windows 7.