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    Flex 3.0 Charting

    Edward Schwalb

      An issue which I was expecting to be trivial ended up becomin a nightmare:  Using Flex Charting with Flex 3 builder.


      During the release of Flex 2.0, the charting library was released as a sperate licensable component.  As such, a seperate license key was required to enable charting.  WIthout the charting license key, all charts would display a watermark indicating that it is an evaluation version.  Flex 2 builder licensing manager form had a seperate edit box for the charting license.  Once the license was provided, the watermarks would go away.


      Moving on to Flex 3, the seperate chartin license edit box is no longer present.  Running a charting application within the Flex 3 builder produces the evaluation watermark.  After consaiderable search, I stumbled upon http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/403/kb403860.html, indicating that once the license.properties file is updated, all should work just fine.


      Well ... it did'ntwork for me.


      I attempted the following:

      1. Update the license.properties file as recommended by BK403860;  the watermarks did not go away.

      2. Copy the license file from th Flex 2 Builder section; the watermarks did not go away.

      3. Sam as #2 above, but replacing the flexbuilder license with the Flex 3 license number; the watermarks did not go away.

      4. Uninstall and reinstall Flex 3; the watermarks did not go away.


      Today, at 10am, I called Adobe support.  I was on the phone until 1:50pm, on and off hold, forwarded in circles through a dozen different individuals, and no answer.  No one seem to know who the correct person is.  I called the technical support number, and I was still goingin circles: I was always forwarded to a different department.  In one case I was told Adobe does not support this product anymore.  Can this be?




      Is there anybody who could help getting the Flex Charting component to remove the watermarks with the Flex 3 builder?