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    htmlText possible bug?

      I have an app that pulls in xml data and places it appropriately into textfields. Some data looks like this:

      <![CDATA[<p>Click on the links below for more information about the types of crash sensors.<br/><li><a href='event:Safing Sensor'><font color='#0000FF'><u>Safing Sensor</u></font></a></li></p>]]>

      Its a lead-in sentence with a link. When u click on the link, it loads new text into the textfield from the xml.
      The problem is the textfield retains the <li></li> tags in its <textformat> and wraps every <p></p> inside them for every assignment of new text. Even when returning to the original text the lead-in is bulleted.

      How do you get rid of the <textformat> ?