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    Custom Authentication with Tomcat




      I have an application with Flex login, the credentials are sent to the server for validation via remoting by using channelset.login(). Also making use of Custom Realms for validation.

      I am getting the following error -

      (Message #0 targetURI=/2/onStatus, responseURI=)
      (Typed Object #0 'flex.messaging.messages.ErrorMessage')
      rootCause = null
      destination = null
      headers = (Object #1)
      DSId = "9A07F115-2B0E-D849-87AA-50101899F2ED"
      DSMessagingVersion = 1.0
      correlationId = "616B111D-73AB-D950-7D6D-A721989E6245"
      faultString = "Please set up a TomcatValve as described in the
      messageId = "9A095A99-FF0D-304A-93C9-38ED172EDB7E"
      faultCode = "Server.Processing"
      timeToLive = 0.0
      extendedData = null
      faultDetail = null
      clientId = "9A095A97-8E0A-11BD-FCA9-30ADE30BE8E1"
      timestamp = 1.248344521583E12
      body = null

      I have the following entry in the context.xml -

      <Context path="/SitePathFlexDev"
      docBase="${catalina.home}/webapps/SitePathFlexDev" debug="0">
      <Valve className="flex.messaging.security.TomcatValve4150"/>

      I am not sure what other value it it asking for.
      Any inputs would be highly appreciated.