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    Image not appearing in rhbag.apj


      I want to thank everyone that contributed to my other question about files residing outside of RoboHelp. Management has decided to keep the symbolic link structure in place.


      So on to the new question. I'm using RH8. I captured a new screen shot and saved it in the Image folder in my project. I then went into RH, opened my topic, clicked Insert | Image, browsed to the image folder and selected the new system_setup.gif. The image appeared in the right pane in the image gallery. Once I clicked OK and saved the project, I was able to see the image in the proper folder inside the Image Gallery in the left pane. I then compiled my help project.


      When I open the rhbag.apj file, I do not see my new system_setup.gif listed. All my other images are listed except the new one. Do I need to add the file manually to the baggage file?  How does the baggage file get updated?


      A side note. All files I work on are versioned under Rational ClearCase. I did not check out the rhbag.apj file before inserting the image in my topic in RH. Not sure if they makes a difference.