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    Error Message ::42 and Crashing


      I am using After Effects within Adobe Creative Suite 3 - Production Premium.  My operating system is Windows Vista Home Edition.  When I try to import a multiple layer .psd file as a composition, I receive the attached error message and After Effects crashes.  This happens when I try to import any .psd file as a composition.  I have no problem importing .psd files as footage.  The .psd files are all RGB files as well.  Any suggestions as to how to solve this problem?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What do the PSD files contain? Anything fancy like smart objects? If so, it could be those SOs. Importing as footage only uses the flattened version of such stuff, importing as comp acts differntly. The same applies to some other features like paths and specific combos of layer styles with conditional blending and groups. Naturally also check, whether you have the sequence option enabled somewhere...



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            ABBYJO42 Level 1

            I don't think there are any smart objects.  I have been using a tutorial from a book called "After Effects Apprentice."  One of the files that I tried to import as a composition was from the first lesson in the tutorial.  The layers in the .psd file were just ordinary RGB layers.  I've tried importing other .psd files as compositions as well, but no luck.  You would think that a beginning tutorial would not have the reader importing files that would cause After Effects to crash.    I checked on the sequence option and it is unchecked.  I was only trying to follow the tutorial.  Do you have any other suggestions?


            Thank you for your help.