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    multiply filter in illustrator with a 2 color job-pdf and print issues?




      Encountering a tricky problem and not sure if its an InDesign fix or an Illustrator fix.


      • I am working on a 2 color job—pms color + black on a book cover. The cover needs to seperate into these 2 colors.


      • Also, I need to make a high res and lowres pdf that look like the cover to send out to marketing, sales etc.


      WHAT's THE PROBLEM?...


      Well, I am creating a collage with black ink vector graphics on top of the pms background. I created this art in illustrator CS3. it is saved as an .eps file. The illos were done by someone who used a white fill to knock out black areas. There is also a wide 50% grey outline around the illustration.


      I like the idea of the line of the illo being black and the fill being red so that it looks seethrough on the red background. But the 50% grey outline causes a problem...I'd like the 50% outline to blend with the red color, so instead of appearing like there is white in the ink it overprints.


      The only way I could think of (and quickest way) was to apply the multiply filter in illustrator to the vector illo. This seemed to work great.


      I brought the illo into InDesign CS3 where I created my cover layout.


      Looks great, Prints great. Separations appear to be good, although it shows the yellow, cyan, and majenta layer they appear to be blank, so I think it will seperate nicely into 2 plates–PMS + black.


      BUT, when I make a pdf, using "smallest file size" or using "high quality print", the pdf it makes does not show the illustrations in the collage. They are kind of beige and dulled out. The publisher needs pdfs too.


      Does this at all indicate that this job will not print correctly using this multiply filter, or is it all well and good final product wise, but its just an issue making the pdf? I am slightly nervous I am going to send this off to the printer and they will have some issue.


      I am a professional designer of 10 years with lots of print experience, but I have never used multiply in illustrator so I just want to make sure there is no rule against doing this I should know about. Does multiply at all mess with the color separations or is it fine? And how do I get my pdf to come out right? I'm hoping there's some dumb thing I'm forgetting, or a simple fix.


      Thanks for any insight you may have!



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          PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

          If you don't feel comfortable using Multiply you might want to communicate with the printer and ask if this is an issue for them to reproduce correctly. Some printers using older rips may have issues with transparency. If you can't speak directly with your printer you could mark up the file or make a PDF to accompany the working file with your comments about what prints at what percentage, and if it should overprint or knockout. Years ago I would get a file with transparency in it and have to make sure the designers intent was clear. This was in some cases due to the designer not understanding blend modes or what he/she wanted overprinting or knocking out in the printed piece. The other way you can confirm the separations are going to rip correctly is to print a PDF out of Indesign and open it in Acrobat pro. Under Advanced>Print Production>Output Preview you can turn on and off separations for the 2 spot colors in question. Because PDF acts as your rip in this case you should be seeing what separations your printer will be printing using your native Indesign file. Some print shops will require you to provide a PDF or a color laser print out for QA of your printed piece when sending files to prepress.

          Hope this is helpful.

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

            I would copy the path for the outline paste in front or back. Give the original a stroke of none and leave it as a knock out group.

            then give the copy a fill of none, leave the stroke and set it to overprint.

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              PrepressPro1 Adobe Community Professional

              Wade, if he's working in CS3 won't your techneque make the overprint look incorrect in the PDF? I beleive CS3 Acrobat will not show overprints automaticlly as in CS4.

              Your techneque is what I would do if I were sending to a printer which has an older rip which didn't support native transpanancy. The latest gen. of rips are using the Adobe PDF rip and can support transparancy through the workflow.