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    Dear Adobe - Please add the following...

    Jon Brand

      Flash CS4 was a nice upgrade.


      One thing you forgot to build into it (something I have always dreamed of) is framerate/timeline updating. An example: Let's say you have an old file your updating. As part of that update you want to change the framerate from 12 to 30. When you change the framerate, everything on the timeline stays the same. I work in the e-learning business. I have narration on my timeline with timed animations. When you change from 12 to 30 fps, you have to keep in mind this extends any existing narration and animations that goes with it. Unfortunately Flash does not automatically update this for you.


      So after the FPS change, I now have to physically extend the timeline out until my narration reaches it's ending point. If there are animations (or even actionscripted keyframes) that are timed up with that narration (in most cases there are), I then have to scroll back through the timeline, grab those animated key frames, and move them to the spot where it matches with the narration. And listening to narration over and over sucks for the most part.


      Imagine having to do this to 300 files... or even 1000+ files. If Flash were capable of updating the timeline according to any changes in the framerate (FPS), I would save me, and many more people, hours and even days of painstaking, tedious, methodical work.


      Dear Adobe. On the next Flash upgrade could you please make my dreams come true.