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    Export Problems - PLZ HELP!!!


      HELP!!!  This is driving me CRAZY!


      I am trying to export my sequence to an FLV at 720x480.  You would think this wouldn't be hard since my source video is already 720x480.  When I click Export and it goes into the Export Settings, I click "FLV - Same as source."  When I look at the source video, it says it is 720x480.  But the output says 655x480.  I created a custom FLV export setting to try and remedy this, to no avail.


      I've tried resizing the video, but it adds these black bars on the sides of the video, which is infuriating.  I cannot make these black bars disappear and keep the video at 720x480 (which is what I'm trying to do).


      I've tried to unconstrain the width/height.  I've tried to change the output crop settings (I've used all three options, and none takes away the black bars).  I cannot figure out for the life of my why I can't export a 720x480 video as 720x480 without adding these stupid vertical black bars!


      Can anyone help me??


      Below are all my custom export settings:

      Filters: none

      Format: FLV

      Video: Codec is On2 VP6, Resize to 720x480 (if I don't do this, it automatically tries to resize to 655x480 even if I use a default export setting of "same as source"), 10 fps, Bitrate Encoding is VBR, Encoding Passes is 2, Bitrate is 160 kbps, Min Bitrate is 80, Max Bitrate is 132, Bitrate Variability is 80, Undershoot is 90, Quality is Best.

      Audio: Codec is MPEG Layer III (MP3), Mono, 32 kbps.