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    getting points


      Hi all,

      i have a problem. i'm using flash for education purpose and e-learning and i have to integrate a function in flash, which will give student 1 point if he answers right or 0 points if he is wrong. in some cases, student can also get 2 points or more. how do i do that? i googled and i found nothing appropriate.

      second problem is that this points, which student has acchieved, must be written in some database or something. this is a feedback for him and also for teacher, which will give him grade for work, he done in flash.

      and there is also a third problem. our assignements (if this is an appropriate word) are made in few different ways. first is fill in the gaps, second is drag & drop and soo on. in one flash file, i have 10 gaps, which must be filled in, but when i start writting in one, text also shows up in 1 or 2 more. i checked the code and still dont have any sollution. and in drag & drop, i've made 2 correct answers, for which (both correct) student must get 2 points, and i don't know how to proceed that i also make wrong answers possible.

      i need help.

      i'm attaching my .swf files, all three of them.

      thank you!


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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          1.  keep a running total of the students total points and add that to the total given the answer.


          2.  you'll need to use backend coding like php.


          3.  your textfields may have the same variable assigned or instance name

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            dalcde Level 1

            I don't really understand what you are saying, but the second problem, if you want the points to carry over frames, you can make an MC, for example, storage, and put it in somewhere nobody could see. Give it an instance name "storage". You have to put it in a layer which only has one keyframe, which is the first.  On the other frames, it has a non-key frame. You can then store things ( points ) inside. e.g.

            if(_root.answer.text == 13){

                 _root.storage.points+= 1




            Hope it helps!