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    Problem with Flash file in IE

    Mr. Benrud Level 1

      Hello Everyone,


      I have a strange problem and I'm not sure exactly what it is.


      I have a 1.5 Joomla site with this module in it


      <object height="20" width="1035">
      <param name="movie" value="LEDDisplayTicker-1040.swf" />
      <param name="wmode" value="transparent" />
      <param value="high" name="quality" />  <embed height="20" width="1035" wmode="transparent" src="LEDDisplayTicker-1040.swf"></embed>  </object>


      The site works fine in Chrome, FireFox and Safari but when it is viewed with IE I get an error and the page closes ( you have to surf through a few pages).


      I know it is the above module because if I turn it off, the site works fine in IE.


      The flash file imports and displays info from an XML file and the XML file reads from google finance.


      Any ideas?