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    Image-processing plugins


      Any further news on 3rd-parties being able to extend LR with image-processing plugins yet?    When the SDK was first announced, it was described by Adobe as a 'preview' SDK and that a full SDK, allowing image-processing and other plugins, would be forthcoming.


      Keen coders want to know.




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          Tom Hogarty Adobe Employee


          No news on the image processing API front.  We're a small team and prioritizing aggressively to meet photographers' expectations.  To that end, we are more focused on workflow APIs than image processing APIs.  Here are a couple blog posts I've written on the topic:



          Can you give me an idea of the image processing plug-in you'd like to create?  I know that some of the largest plug-in manufacturers have been willing to accept the external editor compromise for the time being.



          Tom Hogarty

          Lightroom, Camera Raw, DNG Product Manager

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            johnw3d Level 1

            Thanks for the detailed reply Tom and the links to the informative threads   As it happens, I'm a developer of image & video-processing plugins for Apple's Final Cut Pro (http://www.lyric.com/fcp-plugins/index.htm) and have been thinking about porting some of the image-processing effects in my kits for general still image & photo work (plus other ideas I have in mind).   I realize I can do this via an external editor, not the least of which would be a Photoshop filter port, but I'm a keen Lightroom user and was taken by your use of Lua, so it seemed a more interesting path.


            I understand the complexities in supporting non-destructive pipelines & accounting for demosaicing issues, and so on, so it's understandable why it will take some effort to get the SDK right in this area.   I wish you well in this endeavour and will continue to watch this space.