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    Updating a Script from CS2 to CS4

    Kayle Simon

      My client has a script written for CS2 (PC). They want me to quote the job it is used in (it's a series of scripts to help move their copy to the web, basically, so it tags and collects XML to work with their site), and if I'm to quote it, I'll want to do the job in CS 4, Mac platform. The scriptwriter who wrote it will not respond to me, so I'm looking for A) an understanding of how much work this is going to be, i.e. about what it's going to cost me to have updated and the platform changed, and B) where I find a script writer to do this for me. I'm not sure I'm intererested in learning enough about script writing to mess with these scripts myself, although certainly I know it's just one more thing I really ought to learn to do.

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          Kasyan Servetsky Level 5



          Hi Kayle,


          I'm interested in the job.

          It's difficult for me to quote my price without seeing the files and knowing all your requirements. So, I'd like to leave this to your discretion.

          I'm ready to start tomorrow, if scripts written in JavaScript suit you. But I will be able to test them on CS4 Mac only starting from Wednesday when I get to work. I have only CS3 at home, but there's no big difference between CS3 and 4 as far as scripting concerns, so I can start it on CS3.



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            Kayle Simon Level 1

            Hi Kasyan,


            There isn't a rush to actually updating the scripts; I just need a good idea of what this will cost so I can properly bid the job.


            I've asked them to send me the scripts, so I can attach them to my next post. This will help you know what you'd be dealing with; perhaps I can get a better idea of cost from you at that point.




            Kayle Simon