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    fscommand("exec" "filename") as Administrator on Vista


      I'm having two very weird problems in creating an autorun projector file for Windows.  I've searched Adobe's help documentation and I can't seem to find anything related to either one.  Google gives me no love either; maybe I'm not using the right search terms (I've tried several), so if you can point me in the right direction, I'd certainly appreciate it.


      1.  I'm on OS X (on an Intel mac) with Flash CS4.  My publish settings are set to only Windows Projector (exe).  I'm not publishing a SWF.  For some reason, the OS X version of Flash CS4 refuses to export the EXE, failing every time with the following message:


      "Error creating Flash projector file.  Be sure that Flash is installed correctly and that the destination file is not locked or on a locked drive."


      Destination directory is owned by my user with full RWX permissions.

      Flash appears to be installed correctly; I don't know any other way to tell other than, "does it work?"  Everything else works fine (I can publish Mac projector files without a problem)

      Moving this over to a trial version of Flash on a Windows machine and exporting from there works just fine.


      Any ideas why this error could be occuring?


      2.  After exporting the EXE using my workaround above, we've burned it to an autorun disc (with an autorun.inf file of course).  The autorun itself runs perfectly fine, and under XP, launches all the setup files just fine.  However, under Windows Vista, the setup applications on the disc fail to launch.  This is due to Vista's security restrictions.  If I manually launch autorun.exe (my projector file) by right-clicking and hitting "Run as Administrator", it launches those setup files just fine.


      So, question #2 is, how can I force my fscommand call to execute these as Administrator on Vista, but ignore that on XP/2000?


      Thanks for any help you can provide.

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          Jay Wood

          I had the same problem: getting the "Error creating Flash projector file..." when I published the projector for windows from my mac. I'm using cs3. I loaded the newest version of the projector files and realized that I did not have the "Flashplayer.exe" file in my "Applications/Adobe Flash CS3/Players" folder. I'm guessing that you need this file there in order to create a new windows projector, as I now have no problem.