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    prompt/poopup launching behind exe issue

      Guys, i've got a standalone (running from CD) Flash projector (exe) running fullscreen on a CD.
      it has 3 buttons. Each when clicked targets - using getURL - a *.bat file in a sub folder which in turn launches a .net based *.exe

      This whole system works fine.

      The problem is that most - not all - of the time, when one of the menu buttons are pressed, the popup asking you to 'open or save' opens behind the *.exe not infront. How can i get around this? it's causing chaos :-D

      cheers, Rich

      Win, MX 2004 Pro
        • 1. prompt/poopup launching behind exe issue
          ezalife Level 1
          the reason that i'm using a *.bat is that i need to reset the local path
          (i don't know what this is called, but basically the 2nd level of *.exe files are .net apps which draw in swfs. The problem is that if i don't launch the *.exe files using a *.bat file then the local path for the 2nd level *.exe file is set all wrong (ends up being the desktop somehow) where as if launched via a *.bat i can simply reset it to the local folder where the *.exe if contained using dos commands - long winded but i hope that explains more why i'm using *.bat files)