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    Seekbar resizing help needed

    Mark.P. Level 1

      When I go full screen with my video I'm sizing everything from 320x240 up to 640x480.  I have my seek bar at around 200px wide at the smaller "normal" size but I'd like it to take up a little more the width of the new dimensions.  I've tried setting the width to a specific new size (400px) and setting the scaleX (double the norm) but both end up doing the same thing --


      When it's at a normal size the thumb runs the length properly but at fullscreen at the new size, the thumb runs as if it's still at the old size.  In other words at 640x480, when the movie ends the thumb is in the middle of the bar at double the width.  Do I need to do some recalcualting of some kind?


      Also, I noticed that if the movie has not started playing before going into full screen mode the thumb stays at the old location until the movie starts.  This is also the case with the volume bar thumb.


      has anyone else noticed these issues?