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    verity search vs mySQL FULL-TEXT search




      I am building a website that does some search. My datas are simple words like names, brand name... instead of some paragraphs and articles. All my datas are stored in mySQL.(I still can re-import them into verity engine if I plan to go with verity, that's not a issue here.) I was wondering which approach is better, verity search build-in CF or mysql.


      Here are some pros and cons:



      1. my data has to be stored in mySQL, so if I go with verity search, I will have to design my code to import data into both verity engine AND mySQL, which is pretty awkward to me. Why one data send to two databases?



      1. mySQL has FULL-TEXT search, but it has 50% threshold. It can be removed, but will be slower.


      Verity Engine


      1. very good for keyword search.



      1. I have to store data at both verity engine and mySQL