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    Learning OSMF

    greg.h. Level 1



      I am developing introductory training material for OSMF.  Could you please help out by posting here regarding your experience?


      Posts are needed from designers and developers who are both new to OSMF, or experienced with OSMF?  (Also, please feel free to come back and post multiple times as you work further with OSMF  :-)


      Following are some suggested topics:


      REGARDLESS IF NEW OR EXPERIENCED  (all optional; please skip any that do not apply)

      • Designer, Developer or Other?  Are you primarily: a) a Designer; b) a Developer; c) both; d) other (please specificy)?
      • Flash, Flex, pure ActionScript or Other?  Which development tools and technologies are you working with OSMF with?
      • Skill Level?  For the development tools that you are working with OSMF with, what do you consider your general skill level to be:  a) beginner; b) proficient; c) expert?
      • Prior Video and/or Media Player Development?  Have you built video players and/or other media players before using OSMF?  If yes, do you consider yourself:  a) beginner; b) proficient; or c) expert?
      • Advertising?  Do you have experience with web video advertising, including (but not limited to): in-video, pre-roll, post-roll and/or wrapper? (e.g. IAB.net's VAST and/or VPAID)  If yes, do you consider yourself:  a) beginner; b) proficient; or c) expert?
      • Immediate Deliverable or Just Learning?  Are you considering using OSMF for an immediate deliverable, or are you currently reviewing OSMF as general learning?
      • Video Streaming?  Might your OSMF project use streamed video (e.g. Flash Media Server (FMS))?  If yes, might your OSMF project use either of the following FMS features:  a) DVR, or b) Dynamic stream switching (aka multi-bit rate switching)?
      • CDN?  Might projects you use OSMF with need to integrate with media hosted on CDNs?
      • FLVPlayback?  Have you used the Flash FLVPlayback component in the past?  If yes, do you:  a) Love it!; b) Hate it!; c) indifferent (or it's ok for what it does).



      If you are new to OSMF please post regarding what your are trying to figure out right now?



      If you have already dug into OSMF, I would appreciate your posting your experience.  Possibly including:

      • What you feel are the keys to using OSMF?  Key concepts?  Key skills?  Key prerequisite knowledge?  Key other?
      • Any concepts you found new?  In working with OSMF, are there any concepts you encountered for the first time in your work with OSMF?
      • Importantly, any aspect that you found difficult?  Are there either tasks that are difficult in working with OSMF?  Or ideas or "new ways of thinking" that were difficult *at first*?
      • Plug-Ins.  If you are familiar with OSMF plug-ins, might you:  a) use plug-ins; b) create plug-ins; c) both use and create; d) neither use or createI
      • Most Compelling?  What do you find most compelling about OSMF?
      • Won't Use?  In what cases would you not use OSMF?  Reasons why?


      Thank you in advance to everyone who posts!  :-)


      As I move forward in getting the training material pulled together, I will post back with details.


                     Best regards,



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          mxc Level 1

          Hi Greg


          Well heres some input.. I am an expert Flex developer and work for a company where we develop 'Web TV* solutions mostly for corporate clients and host them on Flash Media Server.

          I have been working with the FLVPlayback and found it lacking for professional use so recently we have been developing with Open Video Player form Akamai.

          I am looking forward to seeing the Adobe slant on OVP but right now it lacks some of the features we need such as a cue point manager.

          No doubt we will move to OSMF as soon as a production stable version emerges as we are sure it will be the new standard in video development.




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            gregbown Level 1

            Hi Greg,



            I am a senior Actionscript developer in charge of video player development at my company.  The application I am building is a modular pure Actionscript application. I evaluated both the Adobe Open Source Media Framework and the Open Video Player.  Because my application will load other applications with different media the idea of traits seemed attractive. However it is difficult to see any advantage of traits when looking at the code needed to handle media as different traits.  It seems as though the added complexity has no tangible payoff.  I have read the specifications of traits and still see it as unnecessary overlap of state management.  If someone could clarify how this could help in a real world situation such as a media library with thumbnails, titles and descriptions that is used to select the videos to play.  Along those lines using the VideoElement, ImageElement and AudioElement in real examples would be helpful.


            Thank you

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              • Designer, Developer or Other?  Developer
              • Flash, Flex, pure ActionScript or Other?  Both Flex and Flash (but mainly Flex)
              • Skill Level?  Proficient
              • Prior Video and/or Media Player Development? Proficient (I've built my own player and an eLearning media progression engine before)
              • Advertising?  Not something I'll be requiring (but might be nice to know how to do for my own use)
              • Immediate Deliverable or Just Learning?  Immediate Deliverable
              • Video Streaming?  Yes, FMIS 3.5 with dynamic stream switching
              • CDN? No, but it might be attractive in the future
              • FLVPlayback?  Yes I have. Largely indifferent to it, but it did come to my rescue once when I was using a third party video player in Flex, found a bug and then imported the FLVPlayback component from Flash ... so I guess I have a soft spot for the dear component since it saved me that time!


              I'm developing eLearning applications and the appeal of OSMF is to work in an extensible environment.

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                Tim Beynart Level 1

                REGARDLESS IF NEW OR EXPERIENCED  (all optional; please skip any that do not apply)

                • Designer, Developer or Other?  Developer
                • Flash, Flex, pure ActionScript or Other?  Both, mostly pure AS
                • Skill Level?  expert
                • Prior Video and/or Media Player Development?,  expert
                • Advertising?  (in-video, pre-roll, post-roll and/or wrapper) expert
                • Immediate Deliverable or Just Learning?  currently reviewing OSMF for adoption
                • Video Streaming?  all
                • CDN?  yes
                • FLVPlayback?  garbage


                NEW TO OSMF

                Trying to figure out what the heck it is and how to get started. The documentation is thin, it is impossible to easily determine if it has the features we require.


                EDIT: Oh wow, this thread was started in July... that does not bode well for my documentation needs.