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    ZendAMF, Custom ItemRenderer question..


      Lil background I'm using the ZendAMF PHP framework to connect to a database and retrieve data and what not. pretty much I just used a remote object to call a method in my php class which retrieves 3 fields from my db then puts them into an object and adds them to an array and returns the array. In flex it puts the results from this method call into an array. so in flex the object looks like this






      now ived used zendamf on another app and didnt have problem displaying the information but for some reason the results are only giving me the title and the date and body come up empty. i know its not the php because ive tested my query and echoed the array in a test.php and it displayed all the information perfectly but it seems to happening after it gets to flex the date and the body are disappearing.


      any ideas would be very much appreciated..


      thanks in advance.