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    Help - Importing Large Images Fails




      I use Flash primarily for animation.  The project I'm working on currently is a hefty 1920 X 1080 square pixel file and currently weighs in at 187mb because of all the sounds and jpg images.  It's 2 minutes long.


      The problem occuring is new to me as I've never worked with projects this long or in this resolution.  Or with this much data (sound effects, jpgs, etc).


      The problem is this: I'm trying to import a high resolution photograph (3500x2500) onto the stage or even just in the library.  I'm using the photos to get an idea on where the final animation will be placed (photo backgrounds, flash animation, composited in After Effects, think Roger Rabbit).


      And it's been working until now.  I've imported, scaled, and animated a lot of jpgs, sounds, and photos without incident as well as drawn a lot of new frames using the brush tool.


      I'm near the end of the project, and of course, Flash craps out on me, either crashing (closing automatically) on me every time I try to import the 20th of about 25 hi-rez photos, or giving me some error saying the file I'm trying to import is corrupted.  And when I try to import other files it gives me the same problem.


      Here's the kicker though, when I open a new stage and close the project I'm working on and try to import the same files, I am able to import

      those supopsedly corrupt images.  My theory is that Flash cannot deal with projects like mine, with lots of hi-rez photos in the timeline (though only one hi-rez photo on the stage at any given time.  It might be a RAM memory problem since Flash is vector based.  I have 2gigs of DDR RAM on my computer and it's a 2GHz Athlon processor.


      I currently use Flash CS3 and Flash 5 and have experienced the same issues in both.


      My question to those who have encountered similar problems in the past is how do you get around this?  What's your work flow?


      Do you split the project up into smaller chunks so you can import onto the stage what you need to work on in that chunk so Flash doesn't crash?


      Do you use another program to composite and cross your fingers in the hopes the animation will line up with the imported background?


      This project requires animation synced to the sound, so syncing after animating is not an option.  Likewise, the animation has to appear in the right place on the screen, so importing photos to the stage is a must for placement issues.  And lastly, it has to be HD resolution, so the photos I use have to be hi-rez too, which means huge filesizes.


      Since it's not for the web, it's not an issue for me what the filesize is, but it seems to be for Flash and that's why it keeps crashing now that's I've pushed it to its limits.


      I'm curious if there are any solutions that will prevent it from crashing in the future or work-arounds that will allow me to avoid reaching Flash's limits as I finish laying in the photo bgs and begin animating.


      Ideas welcome.