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    SWF(with action script code) loaded in mY AIR app does not play

    M_Anand Level 3



      I am new to flex(using flex 3). This is my first AIR app. here is what i want to achieve:

      1. My AIR app loads a SWF(FP 09) which has action script 3.0 code in it. I use SWFLoader control to load the SWF file.

      2. After loading the SWF, my app reads and changes variables in the loaded SWF file.


      Now the issue which I am running into is:

      1. When i run the app from flex builder(i.e. ctrl + F11) => my app works fine.

      2. BUT WHEN I EXPORT IT AND INSTALL THE APP FROM THE .air INSTALLER AND THEN RUN THE APP => It loads the SWF file(since i can see it) but my loaded swf file does not play at all.


      I suspect SECURITY ISSUES.


      can anyone help me how to resolve this issue. Any help would be highly appreciated.